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EMPIRE® Zoysia is readily available throughout the southern United States, wherever zoysiagrasses typically can thrive. When purchasing EMPIRE Zoysia you have multiple options. If you’re working with a landscape professional, they should know where to get genuine EMPIRE. If you’re planning to re-sod your home on your own, we have two options down below in which you can find genuine EMPIRE Zoysia. Option 1, you can order online via where you will find instant pricing and availability to your address. Option 2, we can help you find farms and distributors which are licensed to grow EMPIRE, or you can fill out our online quote forms which we will pass to the farms. If you’re looking to fill in bare spots or repair damaged areas, we also offer EMPIRE Zoysia plugs, which can be found on as well.

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  • Pasto Santa Cruz
    Monterrey, Mexico
    52 (81) 22615176
  • Novogreen Cesped Natural, S.A.
    Sevilla, Spain
    32954991439, +34 902 102 795, +34 954 99
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