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EMPIRE Turf is the zoysia grass that changes everything. It's softer. Greener. Denser. More durable. And far more inviting to play on! Discover for yourself why everyone in Florida who has opted for EMPIRE Zoysia loves their decision!

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The EMPIRE® Zoysia Difference

Go ahead! Look closely. Floratam St. Augustine is an effective ground cover. But this is your lawn, not just a patch next to a commercial building or roadside. Don't you and your family deserve a lawn that looks great, feels inviting and plays comfortably? The choice is clear…it's EMPIRE Zoysia all the way. That is, unless, you prefer scratchy, less inviting and less drought resistant. Go ahead, elevate to EMPIRE Zoysia!


Why Choose EMPIRE?

Wear Tolerance
Disease Resistant
Soft Texture
Drought Tolerant

Where EMPIRE Grows

EMPIRE Zoysia Growing Zone Map

Case Studies

Joker Marchant 2

Joker Marchant Complex


Palmetto Bluff

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